About Mausimaa Temple

Mausi Maa Temple is a small temple located almost at the mid-way of the Bada danda (Grand road) of Puri, precisely at the Balagandi Square.

In Oriya language ‘Mausi’ means ‘Aunt – Mother’s Sister’ and ‘Ma’ means ‘Goddess’. Hence it can be said that the temple is dedicated to Mausima (the mother’s sister) of Lord Jagannath who is Goddess Ardhashini.

Mausi Maa Temple - Ardhashini Temple

During the return journey of the Lord Jagannath from the Gundicha temple to the Jagannath Puri Temple (Srimandira), i.e., the Bahuda Yatra, the chariots of the deities Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Subhadra Devi halt at the Mausi Maa temple.

During this halt, deities are offered the favourite Poda Pitha, a kind of baked cake like sweet dish made of Rice, Urad Dal, Coconut, Jaggery and Ghee.

It is stated in the Vaisanava Knadha of Skanda Purana that Mausima drank half the sea water that once over flooded Puri and saved the town of Puri. Hence she is known as Ardhashini.